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LSCB Priorities 2017-18

Page Updated 21/04/2017

Research into the number and reasons for referrals to the Brent Family Front Door identified four significant areas of concern which have the largest detrimental impact on the safety and wellbeing of Brent’s children.

These four areas were identified as the Board’s priorities for in 2016-17 and will remain the priorities for the Board in 2017-18:

Domestic Abuse


Child Sexual Abuse (Including Child Sexual Exploitation)

Child & Parental Mental Ill Health

The Board aims to take account of the voice of the child when addressing these priorities and also recognises the increased vulnerability of children with disabilities.

The Board has in place protocols for working collaboratively with other strategic Boards in Brent including the Health and Wellbeing Board, Safer Brent Partnership, Safeguarding Adults Board and the Children’s Trust and these relationships will continue to be strengthened.

It is recognised that the priorities impact on the work of other strategic Boards and the LSCB will continue to work collaboratively in a coordinated way.